Books and Publications

I am the author, co-author, or editor of nine books (with two more in preparation). I have also published 18 book chapters, over 50 peer review publications, 19 technical reports, 5 CD-ROMS of global GIS data, as well as various magazine, popular press, and non-refereed articles.

My next book project has found a publisher!

We have recently found a publisher for my next major book project, a large, multi-author book which I am editing (along with Elizabeth Jone and Anna Westin) and contributing to. It will be a major work, a comprehensive guide to how to conduct inter-disciplinary research in Historical Ecology. It will have 21 chapters and over 25 co-authors, covering a wide range of subjects ranging from ecology, anthropology, archaeology, GIS, remote sensing, and more. The book will be published by the Swedish Biodiversity Centre, in Upsalla, Sweden (Centrum för biologisk mångfald, CBM), which is a part of the Swedish Agricultural University. It should be available in the spring of 2023.


My newest book, (my ninth!) is now available as of August, 2021. It is something quite different from my usual academic works.  The title is “The Carolina Union Proudly Presents… Memories of the Tech Crew of Memorial Hall“. It tells the  story of my years working behind the scenes in technical theater at  UNC  when  I was  younger.  It tells the story of my years working technical theater at UNC in Chapel Hill, including my years as the Technical Director of the Carolina Union. We put on hundreds of concerts, ballets, Broadway shows and more, including working all the major touring acts of those years. It has interesting vignettes about meeting and working in an old hemp house, with groups including Prince, Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, and many more.

You can order or download it as an e-book here:

My 8th book is now available, as of April 2021. If you want to begin learning the Open Source QGIS, pick ups a copy of my new book Introduction to QGIS Open Source Geographic Information System, which is published by Locate Press. Locate Press is run by Gary Sherman, the founder of the QGIS project, and is the leading publisher for Open Source GIS books. It has a foreword by Tim Sutton of South Africa, one of the main QGIS developers and former manager of the QGIS project. The book is designed to allow you to learn QGIS using a sample database that can be downloaded. It is designed to be useful for beginners and people new to QGIS and Geographic Information Systems. It is available in soft cover and also as a digital download.




I wrote a chapter  in 2021 for a new book about the history of the neighborhood where I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, published by the Chapel Hill Historical Society called: “The Copperline Chronicles”. My chapter used historical maps and aerial photos to look back to when the area was old forest near the new site of the University of North Carolina in the 1790’s through today. A little know fact included in the book is that musician James Taylor grew up in our neighborhood just a few door down from me!










My 7th book, the Handbook of Small Satellites, has been released in September of 2020 by Springer Nature. This is a 1,300 page, two-volume reference work about all facets of the exiting new world of small satellites, cubesats, how they work, and their applications. I am the associate editor, and was the author or co-author on ten of the chapters. It is available now in print and in digital format.










My new  book, my 6th, is now available as of 2019:

Disruptive Space Technologies and Innovations:

The Next Chapter of the Space Revolution

It is all about the “NewSpace” revolution, of Elon Musk, Paul Allen, and Jeff Bezos, and how these, and other wealthy Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are altering the landscape of how space is done. It is a really exciting story, and both looks forward and back ini time. Click here to see more.
















My book,  which is my 5th, from Springer Press is now available as of May 25, 2018:

Innovative Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Small Satellites

Authors: Scott Madry, Peter Martinez, and Rene Laufer. Edited by Prof. Joseph Pelton.

  • The explosive growth in the design, manufacturing, and launch of small satellites is one of the most dynamic aspects in the area of space exploration and exploitation today. New commercial space companies such as Planet, Sky Box, OneWeb, and LeoSat are now building and launching thousands of small satellites and cubesats into orbit. This book explains how the small satellite has dramatically changed in the past decade and what the future holds.



The 2nd edition of our Handbook of Satellite Applications, edited by myself, Prof. Joe Pelton and Dr. Sergio Camacho, has been named one of the Springer Press Top Downloaded New Books in Mechanical Engineering in 2017, with over 377,000  downloads so far (for both editions). This is my 5th book published so far.



This is now published by Cambridge University Press in Dec. 2017.

Historical ecology is a research framework which draws upon diverse evidence to trace complex, long-term relationships between humanity and Earth. With roots in anthropology, archaeology, ecology and paleoecology, geography, and landscape and heritage management, historical ecology applies a practical and holistic perspective to the study of change. Furthermore, it plays an important role in both fundamental research and in developing future strategies for integrated, equitable landscape management. The framework presented in this volume covers critical issues, including: practicing transdisciplinarity, the need for understanding interactions between human societies and ecosystem processes, the future of regions and the role of history and memory in a changing world. Including many examples of co-developed research, Issues and Concepts in Historical Ecology provides a platform for collaboration across disciplines and aims to equip researchers, policy-makers, funders, and communities to make decisions that can help to construct an inclusive and resilient future for humanity.

Jones, E., Westin, A., Madry, S., Murray, S., Moen, J., & Tickner, A. (2017). How to Operationalise Collaborative Research. In C. Crumley, T. Lennartsson, & A. Westin (Eds.), Issues and Concepts in Historical Ecology: The Past and Future of Landscapes and Regions (pp. 240-272). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108355780.008


I was the primary author on two chapters (on remote sensing and Global Navigation Satellite Systems) for the recent book: Global Space Governance: An International Study, (2017) Springer Press, Switzerland,  Ram Jakhu and Joseph N. Pelton, (editors). The book is based on the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Global Space Governance study commissioned by the 2014 Montreal Declaration that called upon civil society, academics, governments, the private sector, and other stakeholders to undertake an international interdisciplinary study. The study took three years to complete. It examines the drivers of space regulations and standards, key regulatory problems, and especially addresses possible improvements in global space governance. The world’s leading experts led the drafting of chapters, with input from academics and knowledgeable professionals in the public and private sectors, intergovernmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations from all the regions of the world with over 80 total participants. This book and areas identified for priority action are to be presented to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and it is hoped will be considered directly or indirectly at the UNISPACE+50 event in Vienna, Austria, in 2018.


The second edition of our massive Springer Handbook of Satellite Applications is now available as of January, 2017. This 1,200 page, 40 author, two-volume work is a reference volume for all aspects of satellite applications; including satellite telecommunications, remote sensing, navigation, etc. Edited by myself, Prof. Joe Pelton, and Dr. Sergio Camacho-Lara.  Get your library to order a copy in print or as an e-book.











My 3rd book Global Navigation Satellite Systems and their Applications, published by Springer Press, is available in print or as an eBook as of May, 2015.











My 2nd book Space Systems for Disaster Warning, Response, and Recovery by Springer Press, is now available in print and as an eBook as of 2014.












Our massive Springer Handbook of Satellite Applications is available as of 2012. This 1,200 page, 40 author, two-volume work is a reference volume for all aspects of satellite applications; including satellite telecommunications, remote sensing, navigation, etc. Edited by myself, Prof. Joe Pelton, and Dr. Sergio Camacho-Lara.  Get your library to order a copy.











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