I am involved in research using Geomatics technologies, including satellite remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), GPS and satellite navigation and positioning systems, visualization and related tools for regional environmental and cultural resource management.

Geographic Information Systems









I have conducted regional archaeological research in Burgundy, France for over 30 years, and have an active project underway there at present with several colleagues. We are also collaborating internationally with colleagues from Sweden and Romania, doing comparative analysis of these three European landscapes over time. It is really interesting and challenging work.

I have conducted regional archaeological survey and settlement pattern analysis, including archaeological predictive modeling, in North Carolina, Florida, and France.

I worked for almost a decade on a Mountain Gorilla research program in the Virunga region of Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo, creating a GIS database and analyzing satellite imagery and GPS tracking of the endangered mountain gorillas.


handbookOur second edition of the massive Springer Handbook of Satellite Applications is available as of 2017. This 1,200 page, 40 author, two-volume work is a reference volume for all aspects of satellite applications; including satellite telecommunications, remote sensing, navigation, etc. Edited by myself, Prof. Joe Pelton, and Dr. Sergio Camacho-Lara.  Get your library to order a copy.

In 2012 I completed editing, along with two colleagues, the 1,200 page, two volume reference work “Handbook of Satellite Applications”, published by Springer Press. This was updated as a second edition in 2017.


I am also very involved in the use of advanced space technologies for disaster response and recovery, and have worked for several years on the development and use of these systems, including two years at the UNC Renaissance Computing Institute working on the application of advanced technologies by the Emergency Management community.

I am very involved in the development and applications of free and open source GIS software, and have worked with the GRASS GIS software since 1986. I have been working with the QGIS software recently.